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(Updated November 9th 2021)

We are currently offering outdoor dining, on our covered patio with propane heaters.  Yes, the evenings are getting chilly, but we are going into our 2nd year of all outdoor dining, and we've learned some tricks!  We now have 7 propane heaters that do a great job keeping the dining area warm.  Warm footwear, dressing in layers & grabbing a lap blanket are all good ways to be prepared.  We do have complimentary hand warmers available.  Basically, dress like you're going to a holiday parade  ðŸ˜Š or a football game!

Following the most recent mask mandates, we are all back to wearing masks on staff.  It  is optional for guests but it would be appreciated if you wore your mask when not seated at the table & when interacting with your server.

 Carry Out with Curbside Pick Up - Will Be Making a Comeback SOON. This summer, we saw a fantastic increase in "on-site" dining, resulting in having to scale back our carry out program.  But now, things are starting to slow down "in house" and we know some folks prefer to carry out, so we're bringing it back  

How to place a Carry Out Order (Currently):  

1. Call several days in advance (at least) and reserve a pick-up time, between 5:15 and about 8:00pm

2. On the day of, call or email your order in before 4:00.  At this time, payment can be made over the phone - but we're happy to take payment at pick up, as well


 For those truly curious - the main reason we're continuing outdoor dining is that it affords us about 1/3 more seats than we ever had inside - and people were practically on top of each other inside! We don't have the kitchen capacity to do both indoor and outdoor (and no options for expansion). Lastly, everything has been completely rearranged to make serving outside possible, logistically, and we'd have to close for several days to flip/flop again. So, while business is this good, we're sticking with what works.  As soon as "what's working" ceases to work, we'll change strategies again.  We've been doing it for the last 4 1/2 years, why stop now?

Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions / suggestions or good jokes you want to share!


Updated November 9, 2021 Kate Sonoskus